Cuejot is the ultimate app for unleashing your creativity with generative AIs. With Cuejot, you can easily create and edit prompts for any kind of AI-generated content. You can craft, test, tweak, and share prompts with the world. Download the app and explore the infinite possibilities with Cuejot.

Create, store, use

Easily create rich prompts for any AI. Cuejot’s user-friendly interface saves your prompts in your personal (& private!) library for use anytime, anywhere.

Tag, Filter, Find

Share & Collaborate

Got an awesome prompt you’d like the world to see? Make it public and share the Cuejot link to watch your ideas flourish!.

See a public prompt you really like? Easily add it to your library, and automatically benefit from improvements made by the creator.


Create reusable prompts

Prompts multiplying like bunnies? Having trouble managing dozens of near-identical copies? Use Cuejot’s placeholders to create reusable prompts and eliminate duplication.

Refining your ideas is simple – update that reusable template once and benefit every time you use it.

Tag, Filter, Find

Tag, Filter, Find

With Cuejot’s simple tagging feature, finding the prompt you want has never been easier.

Spot a public Cuejot prompt you’d like to try? Paste it into the search box to add it to your personal library.

Tag, Filter, Find

Designed for every AI

New AIs are appearing every day, and existing AIs keep changing and improving. Cuejot helps you keep up with flexible and configurable prompt editing tools.

One tool for your prompts for chat, image generation, writing, and more.

Configurable prompts for every AI

Your prompts on any platform

Completely cross-platform. Create, find, and use your prompts on all of your devices! Your prompts are easily accessible wherever you need them – buy it once & use it on any platform.

Take advantage of the best device for whatever you’re trying to do: from editing a complex prompt on your laptop to quickly finding and using a prompt on your phone.